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Types of polyethylene anti-corrosion cold wrap

The application range of the classification of polyethylene anti-corrosion cold wrap is constantly expanding and has been favored by customers. According to the different materials, there are three main types of polyethylene anti-corrosion cold wrap.

1. Composite cold-wrapped tape (butyl rubber type): an anti-corrosion system consisting of an inner band (anti-corrosion tape), an outer tape (protective tape), and a primer.

2, polyethylene 600 cold wrapped belt (modified asphalt type): also known as integrated belt, thick rubber layer, the general thickness can be from 0.8mm-4.0mm thick, is a new cold wrapped tape variety;

3, polyethylene double-sided adhesive type cold wrap (composite plastic): This tape has composite butyl rubber on both sides, generally only used as anti-corrosion tape (inner tape), widely used in South Asian subcontinent, rarely used in China At the very least, the design is rarely designed, and the domestic standards are still not perfect.

Polyethylene anti-corrosion cold wrap is easy to use, clean and fast, and is a good anti-corrosion material. If you have any needs in this regard, you are welcome to come to our company to buy.