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The reason why polypropylene anti-corrosion tape is difficult to stick

Polypropylene tape is a new type of anti-corrosion material. It is also a commonly used tape for cold construction of pipes. When using polypropylene anti-corrosion tape, what causes the tape to be difficult to stick? Let's get to know it together.

The polypropylene anti-corrosion tape used for cold construction, the substrate is a unique modified polypropylene woven fiber cloth, and the butyl rubber modified asphalt is used as the anti-corrosion rubber layer. The use of tape construction is difficult to stick, mainly due to the rubber surface of the product. The initial tack effect is poor or there is no initial stickiness. This phenomenon is caused by the problem that the tape is shipped from the factory or the long-term storage of the anti-adhesive film silicone oil. If you encounter a primer during construction, you can use a primer to wrap it, or use a small flame to bake the rubber surface to solve this problem.

If you encounter such problems in the future, you can adopt the method described above. I believe that this problem can be solved in time. We will continue to introduce the information of polypropylene anti-corrosion tape in the later stage. Please pay close attention to us.